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Substance abuse is an epidemic that is ravishing our country. From sea to shining sea, people are struggling with addiction. Addiction is a serious condition that is costing the United States a huge amount, in terms of money and lives. At times, it seems like there is no hope. However, here at Sundance Recovery, we’re committed to providing a substance abuse treatment center that can help clients get the care they need. In order to do so, we have opened addiction recovery centers across the country. At Sundance Recovery, we are committed to getting our clients the necessary means for a complete recovery.
Sundance Recovery starts each client in the same way: you’ll take part in a comprehensive intake interview. During this interview, you’ll be asked a series of specific questions about your past, covering a wide spectrum of details. This information will then be used to synthesize a customized recovery plan. This personalized addiction recovery plan will be your roadmap to recovery. You may think some of the questions asked are strange, but rest assured, by gathering a wide spectrum of information, we’ll be able to provide you with the most effective care you could possibly receive.


We want every client who comes through our doors to get the treatment they deserve.


At Sundance Recovery, we’re committed to ensuring that our clients reach their recovery goal.


After detox, you’ll move on the drug rehab clinic, where you’ll take part in a variety of different therapeutic strategies. These include individual therapy, during which you’ll meet with one of our qualified counsellors and discuss your problems on an individual basis. You’ll also take part in group therapy sessions.

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At Sundance Recovery, we aim to accomplish just that. In order to provide effective addiction recovery for the broadest spectrum of people, we have opened addiction recovery facilities in many locations across the country. No matter what your needs, we can provide you with the solutions you need.

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Sundance Recovery is committed to helping our clients reach and maintain their goals for recovery.

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