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When you had your first experience with substances, you thought you could stop at any time. You thought you had it under control, that it was only recreational use. It wouldn’t ever control your life. You were wrong. The moment that you tried to walk away from your drug of choice, it pulled you back in. You tried to break away, but the withdrawal symptoms were so intense that you gave into temptation. Negative influences and pressure around you made it all too easy to continue to turn to drugs for the only relief you could find. It’s at the point now that your addiction is consuming your life. You can’t think about anything else except when you will get more drugs. You can’t go on this way any longer. You need professional help. Sundance addiction recovery center in the Bronx, New York is here for you.


Give Yourself a Place that is Removed from Your Addiction


At Sundance Recovery addiction treatment facility in the Bronx, you can step away from your addiction, leaving it outside the doors of our facility. If you try to overcome substance abuse by yourself you will find that it is extremely difficult. You can’t break away if you keep allowing yourself to get more of the addictive substance into your body. When you join us at Sundance Recovery substance abuse treatment facility, you will enter an addiction treatment center where all your problems, responsibilities, and obligations will be put aside while you focus on your needs. You’ll be placed in a safe environment where your physical, mental, and emotional health is a top priority. At our addiction treatment center in the Bronx, you will have the opportunity to break free from your addiction in a calm, peaceful atmosphere.


Become a Part of a Community


Addiction is lonely. When you are lost in the tangle of drug addiction, you feel like you are the only one experiencing this struggle. Join us at Sundance addiction recovery program to be surrounded by others who are experiencing similar experiences. All of the clients are here for the same reason. Addiction has turned their lives upside down and they want to take control once again. It’s time for you to put yourself in the driver’s seat to overcome your addiction. Our addiction recovery facility in the Bronx will give you the tools you need to succeed as you band together with others who are on the same journey.


Proper Diagnosis is the Key to Your Success


To be successful in addiction recovery, you need more than a safe place, you need to understand the core reasons for your addiction and find the best treatment plan for you. At our drug rehab facility in the Bronx, our team of dedicated professionals will offer you personalized care. We’ll begin by getting a comprehensive picture of your current health status, factors that have contributed to your addiction, and what we can do to help you recover. If you have a dual diagnosis mental health issue, we will take on every facet of your condition. Our professionals will help you work through your problems with therapy, providing the resources you need to be successful.


The First Step: Clearing Your System


Before you can reap the benefits of our substance abuse treatment facility in the Bronx to conquer your addiction, you need to go through withdrawal in our drug detox clinic. Sundance Recovery is set apart from other drug rehab centers in that we can offer you the highest level of care and the program you need, from detox to support meeting once you have achieved recovery. You must get rid of the remaining toxic chemicals in your system. The caring individuals at our addiction recovery center in the Bronx, New York will guide you through the detoxification process, helping you to move on to full understanding of your addiction. When you become a client at Sundance Recovery drug rehab facility, we will help you to move on with your life with treatment options that suit you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help change your life.

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